Amazon, Poised to be the Biggest Star of the Silver Screen

Here at GCIFilm HQ we have been virtually talking about the streamers taking the logical step into cinema ownership for the last couple of years and whilst we have all been focusing on social distancing, face masks and WFH there is virtual chatter that Amazon might be about to do just that.

Game changer it would be.

It gives them 360 degree content management particularly for Feature Film and offers really exciting promotional opportunities at the point of film releases. In the case of Amazon they would also have the ability to provide global merchandising capability as well.

If it comes, I am sure concerns will be raised but Cinema has been under sustained pressure, to dependent on big blockbusters and over priced snacks to make ends meet and that was before Covid-19.

Both Netflix and Amazon have built formidable businesses by offering wide choice to their customers and if this carried into Cinema it could breathe new life into them.

More bums on seats and a greater diversity of films showing, that would be good news for advertisers and film makers alike. As we start production on our forth feature film we are excited, so the popcorn is on us.